Wednesday, 21st March at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Unreal Engine in March 2018


The Birth of a Bat: A Character Art Breakdown.

Shayleen Hulbert

Freelance character Artist, Hermit and local cat lady. I'm a professional game artist in London.

How to create a custom hair painter for character artists using Unreal Engine

Arran Langmead

Creator of @BearsCantDrift, founder of Strangely Named studio, game art lecturer @solentofficial and #indiedev.

Blueprints for Designers

Chris Morris

A prize winning designer with over 10 years of personal experience in 2D & 3D design with a focus on 3D Environments and Level Design. I have a wide range of supporting skills including recording and editing videos, providing critique, engaging with the community, administration, and time management skills.

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