Meet up

London Ruby User Group- April

Monday, 9th April in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in April 2018


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Sliding Puzzles

Did you ever play with one of those cheap plastic-y tile puzzles as a child? Let's try to solve them with Ruby and use that as an excuse to talk about combinatorics, complexity theory and proof.

Chris Patuzzo

Chris is a developer specialising in Ruby and object-oriented design. He enjoys topics relating to Computer Science and programming language theory.

You’re doing documentation wrong (and so am I)

As developers, we’re always asked to write more documentation. Some of us even do it without being asked. But look around the web and you’ll see countless gems, applications and source code examples whose documentation is either missing or makes no sense. How can we make little changes to the way we think about documentation to make things better?

Scott Matthewman

Scott Matthewman is a senior developer at TRX, working with Rails projects dating from brand new code to repos that had their genesis in Rails 3.2 days.

Scaling Millions of Jobs with Enumerators

Enumerator is a pattern that not too many developers are often exposed to, despite the fact that it comes with Ruby and is leveraged in many libraries that we use every day (Rails). Join the talk to learn how we’ve used Enumerators to scale millions of background jobs at Shopify and how it influenced the way developers think when writing resilient code.

Kir Shatrov

Kir is a Production Engineer at Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce platform for online stores. When he’s not digging into Sidekiq and Resque, he enjoys cycling and welding in East London.

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