Tuesday, 3rd April at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Cloud Native LDN in April 2018


The Cloud Native Enterprise Journey

The Cloud Native Enterprise Journey - The trail to The Land of Cloud Native is treacherous and constantly changing, how does an Enterprise prepare for such a journey? Join me in exploring the path of how Enterprises are tackling this problem. Find out the different decisions behind picking a cloud vendor, how containers are implemented from dev to production, why Jenkins is still dominating the CI/CD space and what makes for a good monitoring stack and why all of these decisions pale in comparison to solving the cultural problem of getting everyone on the Cloud Native Trail and avoiding the common anti-patterns along the way.

Marcus Maxwell

Kubernetes, Prometheus, Docker. Helping people out on their DevOps journey. Infosec, stoicism, skepticism, psybient.

A Different Approach to a Log Management Database Architecture

In this talk we will take a look at how we wrote a database capable of ingesting 20 TB of data per day while still live searching unstructured data. We will go through many of the trade-offs that can be thought of as controversial in our current industry.

Martin Westergaard

Infrastructure Automation Engineer @ Humio

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