Meet up

London Clojurians June Gathering

Monday, 18th June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by The London Clojure Community in June 2018


London Clojurians June Gathering

The answer is probably not that much, but it was a lot of fun to build an entire website (with a Postgres backend) to manage the wedding, the guests and actually provide a reasonably good looking website to our guests.

The whole website ( was done from the ground up with Clojure + Clojurescript (re-frame) and even Garden to generate the CSS, which really shown me that one language to rule them all actually works extremely well.

This talk goes through some of the discoveries and dives more in detail in some of the interesting challenges I faced while creating this website, and how they were tackled with Clojure all the way down.

Andrea Crotti

With a wealth of experience using python in hardware and the aerospace industry Andrea Crotti is currently working as a Python/Django developer in London. Andrea started using Python 7 years ago and is still finds himself amazed with how much he can get done with so little elegant code. He has attended multiple Python conferences in the last few years and enjoys giving talks about various topics, from decorators to TDD.

Building a product with Clojure: Lessons Learned

Building a new product can be a lot of fun and you have to choose what technology stack will give you a good head start. Initially, the team chose Ruby on Rails to build a prototype which was great until our users started to grow significantly.

In this talk, I'll share our team's journey with Clojure, what worked for us and what didn't work so well.

We also tried to make Clojure more approachable, so I'll finish by sharing my thoughts on how Clojure could be advocated to appeal to the broader programming community.

Łukasz Korecki

I’m an experienced Clojure, Ruby, and Shell developer. In my professional career I have worked on client side projects (starting with old school tools like Prototype through Backbone to React), back-end applications (written in Clojure, Ruby and Go).

Most recently I’ve co-founded NomNom and work as a CTO.

I have a thing for LISPs.

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