Meet up

Gerrit DevOps Analytics & git auto-magic

Thursday, 17th May in London

This meetup was organised by Git London User Group in May 2018


git auto-magic

Adam shares tools he developed to cope with various workflow challenges such as: * automatic analysis and visualisation of dependencies between commits * explode a single branch into independent topic branches * more exotic branch surgery

Adam Spiers

Adam Spiers has been a passionate supporter and developer of FLOSS since 1995, with a particular interest in automation and orchestration.

Gerrit DevOps Analytics

Git commits, reviews and the associated downstream CI/CD builds contain precious information that can be harvested and leveraged to speed up the DevOps lifecycle.

See in live demo how to extract in bulk the information from all those events, and leverage them with clear and useful dashboards to analyze where the project is going, who the major contributors and players are and how they work with each other.

Cesare San Martino

Cesare San Martino has several decades of experience in the industry where he has covered positions in Marketing and Product Management for many large SW vendors. He still consults to large organizations on the topic of Application Security.

Luca Milanesio

Luca Milanesio is the co-founder of GerritForge and has more than 25 years of software development and application lifecycle management experience. He was one of the first contributors to Jenkins CI and maintainer of the Gerrit Code Review Open Source project. He has fueled innovation worldwide in large enterprises by improving their CI/CD pipeline and overall DevOps lifecycle.

Q&A with our Git and libgit2 contributors

Bring your questions along and ask our panel of Git and libgit2 contributors! We will have about 15 minutes of Q&A at the end of the evening.

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