Thursday, 17th May in London

This meetup was organised by Power AI London in May 2018


IBM AI consultants will present three Deep Learning uses cases for different industries based on their experiences working with clients in North America, Latin America and Japan.

Deep Learning in Ocean Engineering and Bioinformatics

We present insights on implementing state-of-the-art deep learning applications in the fields of ocean engineering and bioinformatics on a high-performance computing cluster.

Chekuri Choudary

Dr. Chekuri S. Choudary is a Cognitive Systems Consultant in IBM Lab Services, USA. He has a doctorate degree in Computer Science and Engineering, an application-oriented research background, and experience in multiple areas of computing including multimedia processing and retrieval, high-performance computing, hardware design and development, and cognitive computing.

Deep Learning and Smart Cities

City planners creating smarter cities faces enormous challenges including planning routes, strategies to minimize traffic congestion, commuting times, pollution and, most importantly, reducing accidents. Many smart cities can monitor what happens, but now they are looking to use AI to continuously learn and gain better insights. We examine best practices for how Deep Learning algorithms can leverage image and video big data sources to address vehicle and pedestrian incidents.

Rodrigo Ceron

Rodrigo Ceron is an IBM Master Inventor and Senior Managing Consultant at IBM Lab Services, USA. Rodrigo is a graduate in Computer Engineering from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and holds eight technology patents. His current consulting projects include advising clients on AI, ML/DL and Spectrum Scale.

Optimizing Object Detection Training for Manufacturing Applications

Object Detection is one of the most important application for manufacturing processes across multiple industries. SSD (Single Shot Multi-box Detector) is a commonly used algorithm for object detection because of its high speed and accuracy.

In this session, we introduce the results of SSD training performance evaluation on Deep Learning optimized servers, using Chainer, ChainerMN and ChainerCV Deep Learning frameworks combined with IBM unique optimization techniques and plugins.

Masanori Mitsugi

Masanori Mitsugi is a software engineer and consultant at IBM Systems Lab Services, IBM Japan. He has a master's degree in Engineering from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

Using Deep Learning to Translate Hieroglyphics for the Tourism Industry

The Grand Museum of Egypt in Cairo wanted to provide an innovative service to improve access to information for its visitors. Using a deep learning app, tourists can use their smart phones to point to any museum artifact with hieroglyphics, which are then translated and presented with historical background information in the user’s language.

Amr Mostafa

Amr Mostafa is a Cognitive Consultant at IBM Systems Lab Services, IBM Middle East. He Holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from the Higher Technological Institute in Cairo. His current consulting projects include advising clients on implementing AI and Deep Learning applications.

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