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Programming the world's first quantum computers using Forest

Wednesday, 9th May in London

This meetup was organised by London Quantum Computing in May 2018


Programming the world's first quantum computers using Forest

The first scalable universal quantum computers are now available, such as the 19 qubit processor built by Rigetti Computing. In this talk, Dr. Zeng will introduce a freely available open-source environment (Forest) for programming these devices.Forest is optimized for hybrid quantum/classical computing based on a shared-memory intermediate representation (Quil). This hybrid model in Forest has been used by researchers to train neural networks, program benchmarking games, and simulate nuclear physics on quantum computers. The environment runs through a cloud API with client-side Python libraries that target both superconducting quantum processors and classical simulation backends. Dr. Zeng will share how to get started with Forest, as well as how to do research with example hybrid algorithms using a quantum computer.

William Zeng

Dr. William Zeng is a quantum computer scientist and Head of Quantum Cloud Services at Rigetti. He leads product for the Forest quantum programming environment as well as application development partnerships.

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