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CTO Craft and Leadership Matters- The Burnout One

Wednesday, 27th June in London

This meetup was organised by Leadership Matters in June 2018


Work-related stress and burnout are unnervingly common among CTOs and engineering managers of all experience levels, in all industries and of all ages. We'll be exploring causes, identifiers, strategies for addressing burnout, and hearing from CTOs who've experienced the worst first-hand

Successful, Accomplished, Depressed - About Performance, Perfectionism, and Burnout in IT

Since his burnout, Dennis has been spending a lot of time finding out what's important to him. And one of these things is to share his experience with burnout and depression as a major issue in modern society. He talks about our obsession with performance and productivity, and about the negative self-image that troubles so many of us.

He shares his ideas on how we can clear our minds from time to time, how to be able to find our true selves. It seems like nowadays, everything and everyone needs to be faster, better, more perfect. Dennis will show you how you can find some time and space for yourself and what's important to you.

Dennis Traub

With more than 20 years in the industry, Dennis has been building software for many customers, ranging from startups to multinational corporations. As a Fellow at codecentric he helps his clients transforming their business through technology, with an emphasis on digitization and the cloud. He is also very passionate about the personal aspects of the modern workplace and how it can affect your life, your health and well-being. Feel free to reach out to him at or on Twitter at @DTraub.

I Gave You a Pool Table, Why Are You Still Stressed?

Zoe Cunningham

Zoe has been at Softwire since 2000, in which time she has made it her mission to hold every role in the company – developer, project manager, consultant, sales, Operations Manager and now CEO. Zoe helps the company focus on its three pillars of happy teams, happy clients and commercial success. Under Zoe’s leadership Softwire has been placed in the top 25 of the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For, for seven consecutive years. She has been named as one of the 100 most influential people in Tech City, selected by the BBC as the Brightest Woman in Britain.

A Fireside Chat with James Routledge

James Routledge

I started my first business with friends at University aged 20, we raised $1m in Angel and Venture Capital investment and grew our team and product to relative scale (never went back to University). In the process of building the business, raising investment and subsequently dealing with it's failure. I lost sight of who I was. I burnt out, suffered with anxiety and had regular panic attacks. I'd pushed myself to the limit for 3 years working on something I wasn't truly passionate about and lived my life as someone else in my quest to impress others. Mental health became important to me as I reflected on how my mental health had been affected and how I saw many others; either suffering in silence or just drifting through life. I set up Sanctus to create the brand that I wish had existed for me and for millions of others. A brand that aims to redefine mental health as a whole and help people become the best version of themselves. We do this through coaching, community events and working with businesses where we create the environment for people to openly talk about mental health. Our big goal is to put the world's first mental health Gym on the high street and make mental fitness as mainstream physical fitness. We aim to be the Nike of mental fitness.

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