Meet up

Linuxing in London: A Fascinating Night of all Things Python

Thursday, 22nd November at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Linuxing In London in November 2018


Time to Take out the Rubbish: Python Garbage Collection in Linux Systems

Pablo Galindo Salgado

Pablo Galindo Salgado is a physicist and software engineer.

Currently, he works at Bloomberg in the Python infrastructure team but in the past he used to work with numerical simulations of rotating black holes.

He is a Python Core developer and likes to talk about tensor equations, Linux, differential geometry and cats.

List me your virtues

Mai Giménez

Mai Giménez is a PhD candidate and researches machine learning algorithms in many different fields. However, at the moment she is mostly focused on Natural Language Understanding in Social Media.

Much of her work and study is done using, of course, Python, because the Neural Networks might be complex but your code shouldn't be!

She is a board member of the Spanish Python Association, helped in organising several PyConES conferences, and is a proud member of the Pyladies.

Empathy is her superpower; it is the best to have, ever!

Future’s made of Virtual Environments

László Kiss-Kollar

László Kiss-Kollar is a senior software engineer at Bloomberg working in the Python Infrastructure team. Previously he worked on a diverse set of areas like vector processors, high performance computing and the Java Virtual Machine.

In his free time he loves tinkering with computers, cameras and guitars when not spending time with his family.

High performance Python for Science

Ian Ozsvald

Ian Oszvald is co-founder of ShowMeDo and FivePoundApps

Linuxing in London: A Fascinating Night of all Things Python

18:00 Doors open.

18:15 Everyone seated and an introduction to Linuxing In London.

18:20 Future’s made of Virtual Environments by Laszlo Kiss-Kollar. 18:50 Q&A.

18:55 List me your virtues by Mai Gimenez. 19:15 Q&A.

19:25 Refreshment break.

19:45 High performance Python for science with Ian Ozsvald. 20:05 Q&A.

20:10 Time to take out the rubbish: Python garbage collection in Linux systems with Pablo Galindo. 20:30 Q&A.

20:35 Finish.

20:40 Community slot and free raffle

20:45 Off to Skills Matter’s bar for a drink.

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