Meet up

The London Go Contributor Workshop

Wednesday, 20th June in London

This meetup was organised by GO London User Group in June 2018


The London Go Contributor Workshop

Love Go? Ever wanted to give something back? Come to London’s first Go Contributor Workshop, where you will learn how to contribute to the Go project via Gerrit. To take part in the workshop, all you need is a laptop with Go and Git installed, and a basic understanding of Go. And, of course, an appetite for contributing to open source software!

Prior to coming to the workshop, you should ensure your development environment is set up. Follow the first three sections of the contribution guide:

  • Configure Git to use Gerrit

  • Contributor License Agreement

  • Setting up Git for submission to Gerrit

You should use the go-contrib-init tool that the page mentions, to make the process easier.

We will be using the #contributor-workshop channel on the Gophers Slack - you can sign up here! If you run into any issues setting up your development environment prior to the workshop, please ask for help in that channel.

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