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June London Java Community: Serverless and Microservices

Thursday, 21st June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LJC: London Java Community in June 2018


What is Serverless and why should you care

Serverless computing is changing the way that software systems are being built and operated. Despite being a relatively new area within the IT industry, serverless has the potential to massively alter the way that business value is being delivered with software. In this talk, Rafal will introduce key tenets of serverless computing and compare it to the more traditional technology stack running on top compute instances or containers. He will also explain the programming model of Function-as-a-Service, using AWS Lambda as an example and provide overview of other cloud services, commonly used to deliver serverless architectures.

Rafal Gancarz

Rafal Gancarz is an IT Consultant, currently working with Starbucks. He is a versatile technologist with years of commercial experience building high quality distributed systems. Rafal is a technical architect with broad expertise in numerous architectural styles and patterns as well as excellent hands-on developer, able to tackle complexity in the heart of any IT solution while providing mentoring and guidance within the technical team. He is also a Certified Scrum Master, experienced agile practitioner and evangelist, passionate about improving project delivery and building highly performing teams.

Securing Microservices: A Practical Guide

Moving to microservices requires a new mindset and approach to application design. This is particularly important when it comes to security as in a distributed world even calls from other parts of your application are vulnerable. Security is often discussed in an abstract context and as there are so many existing standards it's difficult to know what methods are appropriate and when to use them. This session will use the text-based microservice adventure Game On! to discuss security in a real-world scenario. It will introduce the security considerations in a microservice environment and the choices we made to secure our application. You will learn how to utilise industry-wide standards such as OAuth2, OpenID Connect and other social sign-on methods and what we have done to work towards dev/production parity.

Kate Stanley

Katherine Stanley is a Software Engineer on the microservices team for WebSphere Liberty. As a part of the Liberty team she has created samples to help developers get started with microservices and worked on the open source microservice project GameOn. Katherine has also given presentations and run workshops about microservices and GameOn at European conferences, including DevoxxUK and OSCon in London, and JFokus in Sweden. Katherine has been at IBM since 2014 and is based in the Hursley UK lab.

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