Meet up

Deep Learning in Academia - User Stories from Researchers

Thursday, 21st June in London

This meetup was organised by Power AI London in June 2018


Come explore an evening of deep learning in academia with insights into NHS and Law enforcement data use.

Queen Mary University London - Video Analysis with Deep Learning

Prof Sean Gong will talk about the work he is doing researching Computer Vision and Machine Learning, including work with Law Enforcement agencies.

Professor Shaogang Gong

Sean Gong is a pioneer on video behaviour analysis and a world authority on person re-identification in visual surveillance.

University College London - Deep Learning with NHS Data

Dr Parashkev Nachev and Robert Gray will discuss the work they are doing with NHS data, to improve operational efficiency, and improve patient outcomes.

Dr Parashkev Nachev

Parashkev Nachev is a Senior Clinical Research Associate at the Institute of Neurology at University College London Hospital. His research deals primarily with translational aspects of cognitive and behavioural neurology, in particular with the development of novel methodology for distributed investigational and therapeutic devices.

Robert Gray

Robert Gray is a research associate at UCL Institute of Neurology.

Power 9 and PowerAI at Coral

At this month's PowerAI London, Andrew Laidlaw tells us more about using Power 9 with PowerAI. Check it out!

Andrew Laidlaw

Andrew Laidlaw is an Open Source and Linux technical specialist working for IBM Systems in the UK. He has experience across a wide range of industries, and has worked with many companies and research organisations across the UK.


NVIDIA's Danny Kiernan tell us more about NVIDIA and how incorporating NVIDIA GPU technologies as helped drive, develop and nurture IBM Platform solutions. Check it out!

Danny Kiernan

Danny Kiernan holds the position of Senior OEM Alliances Manager at NVIDIA. Self motivated, ambitious individual with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Technical, commercial and business management experience gained from fifteen years experience within the IT industry. Ability to work well under pressure, and on own initiative. Strives to meet deadlines and customer requirements. Strong strategic thinker and team builder.

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