Meet up

London Unreal Engine Meetup: Summer At Last!

Thursday, 21st June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Unreal Engine in June 2018


Unreal Studio for Architects and Designers

Alex Coulombe

Alex Coulombe is the Creative Director of Agile Lens, a NYC-based VR studio developing cutting edge content and workflows using the latest immersive tech. Clients include Intel, FX Collaborative, KPF, SOM, VIP Structures, ArchitectMedia, and more

Locomotion and Marketplace Assets

Naveed Iqbal

Finance by day, Unreal Engine by night.

What's Happening at PlayStation London

Ellen Shelley

Unreal Engine 4 enthusiast who loves VR, cinematic lighting and creating emotive 3D environments!

Training a Self Driving Ai

A brief synopsis of our presentation will be:
  • Provisioning of Training Data - requirements of Self Driving AI

  • Datasets for high geo-spatial accuracy into Unreal

  • Advanced lighting - testing VXGI2

  • Photogrammetry pipelines into unreal

  • VFX and Games methodologies combined

Sam Swift-Glasman

Originally started off as a sound engineer and then moved into CG. After 10 years of working in Film, TV, and Commercials, I have made the transition to running an Art Team in an exciting new field - Autonomous Vehicles

Shane Christopher

Senior Simulation Programmer at FiveAI

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