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Cloud Matters July

Monday, 30th July at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Cloud Matters in July 2018


Bending Kubernetes to Your Needs

Kubernetes is a highly customisation and extendable platform. In this talk, we will have a look at the Kubernetes configuration and extension points, from plugins to custom resources and discuss their use cases, benefits, and imitations.

Michael Hausenblas

Michael is a Developer Advocate for Go, Kubernetes, and OpenShift at Red Hat where he helps appops to build and operate distributed services. His background is in large-scale data processing and container orchestration and he's experienced in advocacy and standardization at W3C and IETF. Before Red Hat, Michael worked at Mesosphere, MapR and in two research institutions in Ireland and Austria. He contributes to open source software (mainly using Go), blogs and hangs out on Twitter too much.

How To Deploy an IoT Ingestion Platform on IBM Cloud.

With the ever increasing proliferation of IoT devices, and the resulting frequency of data emanating from many devices, the acquisition and management of this data is proving to be a challenge.

In dealing with this challenge, cloud-based sytems that provide service elasticity are helpful in handling the potentially intermittent bursts of high volume data from these devices.

Cristata is a system, targeted at the developer community, to support general IoT data ingestion. It utilises several existing IBM Cloud services and details how these services are wired together. Serverless computing is employed to provide service elasticity and reduce the infrastructure management burden. Sample code includes SQL code for data storage (schema), Openwhisk actions (Cloud Functions) for interfacing with this schema and IoT data submission code.

Mark Purcell

Mark is a Systems Architect in the IBM Research Laboratory in Dublin, Ireland. He is very interested in cloud native applications and emerging technologies. His past exploits include working on large, multi-partner projects, environmental monitoring and high performance computing.

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