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Managing Web Application Servers with Puppet

Monday, 8th August in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in August 2011


Paul Mucur talks about managing web application servers -- in particular getting a server ready to run a Rails application using Puppet (and testing things out with the aid of Vagrant)

Managing Web Application Servers with Puppet

Paul Mucur talks about how configuration management allowed him to not only install and configure servers quickly and in a repeatable way, but also let him feel confident about the consistency of each and every machine to which he deployed.

Paul Mucur

Paul Mucur is a web application developer, RubyGem maintainer, jQuery plugin author, Ruby on Rails contributor, occasional tweeter and general lover of open-source


Stephen Nelson-Smith will give a talk to LRUG on Cucumber-chef, a library of tools to enable the emerging discipline of infrastructure as code to practice test driven development.

It provides a testing platform within which cucumber tests can be run which provision lightweight virtual machines, configure them by applying the appropriate Chef roles to them, and then run acceptance and integration tests against the environment.

Stephen Nelson-Smith

Stephen Nelson-Smith (@LordCope) is principal consultant at Atalanta Systems, a fast-growing agile infrastructure consultancy, and Opscode training and solutions partner in Europe.

Gareth Rushgrove on Chef and Vagrant

Gareth Rushgrove will talk to LRUG about using configuration management tools like Chef to set things up, and Vagrant to easily manage the virtual machines from the command line.

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