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FlutterLDN August

Monday, 20th August in London

This meetup was organised by FlutterLDN in August 2018


Flutter State Management

In this talk, we look at some common state management techniques that are often used in Flutter, including some 3rd party libraries such as scoped model and redux. We explore how they solve common state management problems, and how they compare in different use cases.

Andrea is an iOS and Flutter Developer who created SwiftyStoreKit. He's recently released a series of Coding with Flutter tutorials.

Check out what he's been working on:

Coding with Flutter

Eco Buddy- Find out more about your carbon footprint

Cast Player- Cast all your photos and videos to Chromecast

Pixel Picker- Get pixel colour information from images on your device

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Andrea Bizzotto

I'm an iOS software developer based in London. I've been passionate about programming from a young age and have extensive experience in writing maintainable and efficient code, along with a strong product focus. In 2012 I started focusing on mobile technologies and since then I’ve never looked back!

Lessons Learned from Writing Flutter Apps

Here’s a few mistakes made, a few lessons learned, and a few habits I’ve formed some may think good, and others … maybe not so much.

This will be a lighthearted romp through all things Flutter.

Matt Sullivan

Matt leads developer relations for Flutter from Google’s Mountain View campus. He recently joined the Flutter team, having spent three years working on Android and Wear. He’s a bit of a language geek, and is thoroughly enjoying adding Dart to the portfolio of languages to write cool thing in. When he’s not hacking on Flutter, you’ll probably find him in the gym wearing far too many fitness sensors.

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