Meet up

LSUG Talks: Joan Goyeau and Dave Gurnell

Monday, 9th July at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Scala Users Group in July 2018


Orchestra: DevOps with Scala and Kubernetes

This talk is 2 part folded: the story that led us create it and switch to it at DriveTribe and an introduction with a little demo to this technology.

The incentive is to show people that Scala can be a great language for DevOps use and hopefully boost the interest in making libraries around it to solve common problems we have in DevOps.

Joan Goyeau

Joan is a Scala backend engineer who refuses to do DevOps in a non functional way. He created Orchestra, a Continuous Deployment system written and configured in Scala. He also likes contributing to Kafka Streams, Kubernetes, Scalafix, and writing technical articles on Medium.

Functional Interpreters and You

In this talk we will discuss "interpreters", an essential functional programming pattern that underpins these terms. We will show how any problem in functional programming can be described using the interpreter pattern, and how modelling things this way naturally gives rise to abstractions like the free monad and encodings like finally tagless.

Dave Gurnell

Dave is a developer, trainer, and partner at He has spent over a decade programming, speaking at conferences, and writing books on functional programming.

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