Monday, 9th July at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in July 2018


Write Better Tests With Property Based Testing

In this talk I'll show you how to apply the techniques of property-based testing to use randomly-generated data to drive out more bugs with fewer tests. I'll demonstrate these techniques using the new Hypothesis for Ruby library which is based on the popular Hypothesis Python library.

Suzanne Hamilton

Suzanne is a tech lead at Softwire in north London. She enjoys finding new ways to break software, and learning languages (both programming and human).

As You Like It - If Shakespeare Had Written Functions as a Service

In this talk I'll be covering:

  • What is FaaS

  • The Fn project - an open source agnostic FaaS platform

  • The Ruby FDK (Function Development Kit)

  • With a bit of inspiration from William Shakespeare.

Ewan Slater

I have been in the software industry for > 20 years. I accidentally joined Oracle when they purchased Thor Technologies in 2005. I intended to stay for six months and I'm still here.

CSS Shapes: Upgrade Your Page Layouts

This talk will cover some of that history in an attempt to help us all learn from it. You'll also learn some cool new ways CSS can help you stand out, after which you will be armed with practical help to use these techniques, the knowledge of when to use them (and when not to), and arguments to help convince your colleagues of your great new ideas.

Nicky Thompson

Nicky is a Technical Manager at FutureLearn, and has spent more than a decade as a freelance and in-house web developer, making beautiful websites that work for everyone.

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