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Pentaho London User Group- November!

Wednesday, 28th November in London

This meetup was organised by Pentaho London User Group in November 2018


At this month's Pentaho London User Group, Dan will be giving an overview of #PCM18., Ulrich Zink will cover fraud detection with PDI, and Dennis Wilbrink will tell us more about data science with PDI. Check it out!

What Happened at #PCM18

At our final meetup of 2018 we will cover all the juicy goodness that occurred at #PCM18 for those that could not attend. This will be a super quickfire overview, with a brief Q&A session designed to get over the latest vibe from the community.

Dan Keeley

Dan Keeley is an established independent Pentaho consultant having experience of the complete stack since inception. A well known member in the Pentaho community, founder of the PLUG events and keen to improve uptake of OSBI in the UK.

Using Python for Fraud Detection with PDI

In Pentaho 8.1 Vantara has introduced several functionalities to streamline the machine learning workflow.

We will explore how the PDI integration with Jupyter notebook can help deal with a fraud detection model written in Python.

Ulrich Zink

With a background in finance, consulting and IT, Ulrich doesn’t like anything more than combining Data Engineering and Data Science to significantly impact business revenue.

Datascience with PDI/Kettle

Don't miss Dennis Wilbrink's talk where he'll be telling us more about data science with PDI/Kettle. Keep an eye on this space for more details!

Dennis Wilbrink

Dennis is an adaptive, enthusiastic and team orientated Pentaho solutions engineer, working just under a year at Hitachi Vantara. Holding a masters degree in business administrator, he is skilled in analyzing business operations and processes alike. Adding to his ever-growing thirst for knowledge and everything new, he combines his formal education with an intense interest in the ever growing world for business intelligence. Starting out as a BI consultant he is now a solutions engineer focusing his expertise mostly on the Big Data, Analytics and IoT domains. As a member of the “Association for computing machinery” he has worked with some of leading technology vendors in the industry on projects ranging from predictive maintenance on trains to conceptualizing data science architectures for banks. His passions resides in bringing the two world of IT and OT together, he firmly believes that at the collision point between OT and IT the biggest gains are to be had. He draws inspiration from racing: “as conditions often change very rapidly, drivers must be able to respond with just the right combination of caution and speed.”

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