Meet up

Cloud Native London August

Tuesday, 7th August at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Cloud Native LDN in August 2018


Increasing the Cloud Native Bus Factor

Charlotte Godley

Charlotte is a backend software engineer at Dotmesh, with experience learning about, operating, and most importantly breaking Kubernetes clusters.

FaaS You Like It (if Shakespeare had written Functions as a Service)

A short talk covering:

  • the comedies of William Shakespeare

  • FaaS (Functions as a Service)

  • The Fn project - an open source agnostic FaaS platform

  • Performing "As You Like It" as a set of functions.

Ewan Slater

I have been in the software industry for > 20 years. I accidentally joined Oracle when they purchased Thor Technologies in 2005. I intended to stay for six months and I'm still here.

Single Sign-On for Kubernetes

Joel Speed

Joel is a Cloud Infrastructure engineer who has been working with Kubernetes for the last year. He has been working in DevOps for over 3 years and is currently helping Pusher build their internal Kubernetes Platform. Recently he has been focusing on projects to improve autoscaling, resilience, authentication and authorisation within Kubernetes as well as building a ChatOps bot, for Pusher’s engineering team.

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