Meet up

LSUG Talks- August

Tuesday, 14th August at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Scala Users Group in August 2018


Service Box Taking Control of Test Dependencies with Scala and Docker

The library allows to define external dependencies as groupings of Docker containers and manage their lifecycle within integration or end-to-end tests. The project aim is to help developers increase their test coverage by making it easier to test “real implementations”, thus reducing the need for stubs and mocks.

Andrea Fiore

Andrea Fiore builds data integration systems in Scala using the Typelevel stack. He is passionate about functional programming, catching errors at compile time, and bridging the gaps between application and platform engineering.

Directing Manipulating Scala Types

Noel Welsh

Noel has been interested in computers for a long time, particularly the leverage that computers give to people. He followed this interest to a PhD in machine learning, focusing on Bayesian nonparametrics and reinforcement learning. He still finds machine learning very interesting, but right now is more involved with programming and programming languages. A large part of his work is helping people become more effective with functional programming.

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