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LRUG: London Ruby User Group

Monday, 13th August in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in August 2018


Don't miss this month's London Ruby User Group where we'll be joined by Sroop Sunar, Grey Baker and Tomasz Wegrzanowski!

The Fast and The Furriest - Performance refactoring with bunnies

I’ve been a developer for several years and throughout my career I’ve learned how to write clean, well-tested code. I’ve also discovered that sometimes writing the most beautiful poetic code can be horrendously slow when working with lots of data. What I really want is fast code. I know the topic of performance can seem intimidating at first - don’t worry I am by no means an expert in performance either!

My talk isn't about compiler optimisation, multithreading, profilers, buffer management or cyclomatic complexity. In fact, what I’ve found is that optimising code doesn’t need to be more complicated than good old fashioned refactoring. Using a real problem that I encountered, my talk will take you through how I made slow code fast. Oh, and bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies.

Sroop Sunar

Sroop started her career as an illustrator and designer before transitioning into tech where she now works at a startup writing Ruby and Javascript as a full-stack developer.

Data-Driven Dependency Management

How buggy / insecure are new gem releases? Analysis of 10 years of Rubysec data and 50,000 dependency updates PRs.

Grey Baker

Grey has been writing Ruby for 6 years. He thinks too much about dependency management because he runs Dependabot.

Logic Programming with Ruby and Z3

A lot of real problems can be described by a collection of mathematical equations. From sudoku to dependency resolution to verifying correctness of processors and cryptographic protocols. Z3 is a very powerful solver for such problems, and an elegant Ruby DSL is a great interface to it.

Tomasz Wegrzanowski

Ruby hacker from ancient days before Rails. Still write Open Source software for fun.

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