Meet up

London Django Meetup Group

Tuesday, 14th August at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in August 2018


Craig Goes to Scotland to Learn About Python

Craig Anderson

Craig is a self-employed web developer specialising in Python and Django.

What we Think of GraphQL, 88 Million Queries Later

Rob Kirberich

Rob Kirberich is a Principal Engineer at Verve, where he guides overall architecture and leads the Platform team. He started working with Django 9 years ago, when he was looking for a framework that would allow him to write a CRM from scratch with no prior experience. He is best known for building slightly over-engineered conference stage installations with blinky lights and turning gears, as well as causing smoke and power outages with his electronics experiments.

London Django Meetup Group

6:45pm - Arrive

7:00pm - What We Think of GraphQL, 86 Million Queries Later

7:30pm - Break

7:40pm - Craig Goes to Scotland to Learn About Python

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