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An Evening of Kubernetes Talks

Tuesday, 25th September in London

This meetup was organised by LJC: London Java Community in September 2018


Cloud Ready JVM with Kubernetes

In this talk we will explore how JVM applications can be packaged inside a Docker image and discuss tips and common pitfalls. We will continue with a brief introduction to Kubernetes, how it can help deploy our Docker containers and how it can integrate with frameworks like Spring. Finally, will look at a development workflow which allows fast local development of large microservices applications leveraging Telepresence.

Novice and competent Kubernetes users welcome!

César Tron-Lozai

César is the Head of Engineering of a growing startup and works with all aspects of software development including Infrastructure, DevOps, design, backend, and frontend. César is particularly interested in the theoretical foundations of Functional Programming and is passionate in his endeavor to convince the Java community to embrace FP beyond lambdas. He regularly speaks at London Meetups, occasionally gives talks at major conferences, such as DevoxxUK, mostly on the adoption of functional programming and Kubernetes. In his spare time he co-organises Devoxx4Kids UK

Deploying and Scaling Spring Boot Microservices to Kubernetes

With so many dependencies, how do you deploy applications in the right order? And what about service discovering and config management? Should you create microservices for those? How do you scale services independently so that you are not wasting resources?

In this talk, you’ll learn how to design, package and deploy reliable Spring Boot applications to Kubernetes. You'll understand the many configuration options available to configure your cluster and how best to tweak them to scale your application. Afterwards, you'll be able to sleep easy knowing you've followed Kubernetes best practices, so you avoid those wake-up calls in the middle of the night!

Daniele Polencic

Daniele Polencic is a well-known face in London’s tech scene. A technical consultant for and certified training partner for Kubernetes and the Linux Foundation, Daniele is a passionate proponent for JavaScript programming, and consults with startups when he is not coding himself.

From Kubelet to Istio: Kubernetes Network Security Demystified

Attendees can expect to gain an understanding of these implementations and the principles behind encryption, identity, and trust in Kubernetes.

  • What are TLS, X.509, and mutual authentication?

  • Why cloud native communication should be encrypted by default

  • Kubernetes component intercommunication

  • CNI and network policy for applications

  • Bootstrapping identity with SPIFFE

  • Mutual TLS, route rules, and destination policies in Istio

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin has a strong test-first engineering ethos gained architecting and deploying high-traffic web applications. Proficient in systems development, testing, and maintenance, he is comfortable profiling and securing every tier of a bare metal or cloud native application, and has battle-hardened experience delivering containerised solutions to enterprise clients. He is a co-founder at

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