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London μServices (Microservices) User Group October

Wednesday, 3rd October at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London μServices (Microservices) User Group in October 2018


Apache Kafka - The Heart of Your Microservices Architecture

Key takeaways: - What is Kafka and what problem does it solve - What features does it offer - How does it rank up against competing products

Stanislav Kozlovski

Stanislav Kozlovski is a self-taught software engineer. In the span of a year and a half, he quickly ramped up and introduced himself to the world of software. He began his career at SumUp, a fintech company selling card terminals, where he contributed across the whole back-end stack that drives payments. After building an online presence through blog posts, he was offered a job in London by Confluent - a company founded by the authors of Apache Kafka. Nowadays, he works on Apache Kafka directly.

Rebuilding Full-Text Search for a Serverless Environment

Deepak Prabhakara

Deepak Prabhakara is the CTO at Red Sift and brings over a decade of expertise in design, architecture and development of complex software products. He has led product and engineering teams at several startups and worked on the Opera Mini and Mobile browsers, a product loved and used by millions of users across the globe.

London μServices (Microservices) User Group


6:30: Arrive, brief introductions

6:40: First talk

7:20: Apache Kafka - the heart of your microservices architecture

8:00: Finish, drinks and networking

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