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LRUG: London Ruby User Group

Tuesday, 9th October in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in October 2018


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Hubbado is an online, community-driven job marketplace. We'd like to share how we explore our domain of job-matching and use the resulting domain knowledge to improve our system design. We will also cover some techniques of extracting domain logic within existing Rails application using Trailblazer and service objects as well as some patterns we are trying out to reduce coupling in relatively large application like CQRS with Event Sourcing.

Unicode Spaß

How do programming languages deal with the rules of languages? And what happens if these rules change?

Leif Gensert

Leif Gensert, working for more than 10 years in development. Contracting for 2.5 years and living in London since April. Turned his haircut into his brand and is obsessed with edge cases.

Interface incantations

According to the witches of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, most magic is simply headology. This talk will mix literary references and outline the headology of interface design, from basic charms and illusions that fool and entice us to the unforgivable curses that can shape our thinking and behaviour.

Jo Hanna Pearce

Jo Hanna is a non-binary, senior developer from London, UK. They have an obsession with psychology and understanding how we learn which has lead to giving talks on managing information overload, writing beautiful code and affective design. This intersection of beauty and complexity has more recently lead to them exploring education through performance and poetry.

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