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London Scala Talks: Francesco Cesarini and Tamer Abdulradi

Tuesday, 9th October at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Scala Users Group in October 2018


Recursion Schemes: How to Factor Recursion Out of Your Codebase

Recursion schemes is a code pattern that allows you to automate the process of traversing and recursing through nested data structures by separating recursion out of the rest of the logic. They allow you to use off-the-shelf libraries to do the recursion for you, so you can write less code and potentially fewer bugs!

In this talk, Tamer will share with you an example, a JSON data-structure, walk-through a step-by-step transformation of the code to use a recursion schemes library. By attending you will understand the gist of Recursion Schemes and how to use it in your codebase.

Tamer AbdulRadi

Tamer is a Senior Software Engineer at Disney Streaming Services, building and maintaining distributed systems armed with nothing but Scala, types and the power of functional programming.

Immutability for scale and reliability

In these concurrency models, immutability, a key feature of functional programming paradigm will become even more evident. To quote Simon Peyton Jones, future concurrent languages will be functional; they might not be called functional, but the features will be. In this talk, we explain why!

Francesco Cesarini

Francesco Cesarini is the founder of Erlang Solutions Ltd.

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