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London Django October Meetup

Tuesday, 9th October in London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in October 2018


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Lint Your Architecture

Code bases have a nasty habit of becoming a complicated web of circular dependencies. To stop this happening, you need constraints on your project's structure. Meet Layer Linter, a tool to control the dependencies between modules in your Python project.

David Seddon

David is a developer at Octopus Energy, and the maintainer of Layer Linter. He loves clean architecture and code that people can understand. He blogs at

My Experience on Using Postgresql in Production for a Data Heavy Project

This talk gives an insight on - optimising queries - understanding some postgresql internals - understanding postgresql locks - sharing experience on what can go wrong in production and how you can prevent it - some tips about postgresql from the experience i gained at my current company

Charalampos Papaloizou

A keen python programmer and sql lover, currently working at interested in psychology, neuroscience, mathematics and photography.

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