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LRUG: London Ruby User Group

Monday, 12th November in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in November 2018


This months London Ruby User Group will be discussing about how to automate your home with Ruby and Open Banking. Come join us!

Most Valuable Employee Traits from a Business Owner Perspective

What comes to mind when thinking about tech employee position and progression? What are the most valuable traits from the perspective of business itself as well as personal development at the current position as well as for the future ones? This talk will give insight on the business side of the employer-employee relationship.

Piotr Nowak

Piotr is a highly qualified IT specialist focused primarily on web-based technologies. Despite his technological background and degree, he is also very conscious about building good client relationship and the importance of superb support. He gained most of his experience and defined his work ethics working in a US owned software house, where he started in early 2006 while still in college. During this time he designed, planned, managed and developed many systems of varying complexity for such clients as Scholastic Inc., Hearst Digital Media or HSBC. In late 2013 Piotr decided that what he learned so far is more than enough to forsake the protective umbrella of an employment contract and focus on his own IT consulting business that he started back in 2010 - Nopio.

Automate Your Home with Ruby

A lightning talk about how I implemented the HomeKit Accessory Protocol in Ruby. A set of protocols and libraries to access devices for home automation on iOS.

Karl Entwistle

Karl has been a keen Rubyist for over a decade. Currently he’s renovating a house with his wife. He is a burrito enthusiast who also enjoys pizza and model trains.

Open Banking - From Scraping to APIs

Banking is changing, and so is the way we interact with financial services. In the talk we’ll be touching on what Open Banking is and why it’s interesting to software developers. Then we'll launch ourselves into some of the APIs from a rubyist perspective and the real world experiences and challenges of working in a complex ecosystem that contains both established banking institutions and fintech startups.

Toby Pinder

Toby is a software engineer at FinTech credit reference agency Credit Kudos, a service using transactional data to build a new kind of credit score. He works with banking scrapers and leads Open Banking integrations in order to provide consumers with access to affordable financial services. Toby is a regular contributor to the Open Banking ecosystem, both through transparency initiatives such as performance monitoring and coordinated issue management, and via contributions to the standards development process.

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