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London Scala Talks: Diego Alonso, Lindsey Dew, and Omnia Ibrahim

Monday, 10th December at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Scala Users Group in December 2018


Functional Reactive Programming with FS2

This talk explores the key concepts of both FRP and 'fs2', how they relate to each other, whether we can write an FRP system on top of 'fs2', and what ideas from FRP can be used to guide future development of 'fs2'.

Diego Alonso

Diego is a Scala developer at 47 Degrees, where he writes backend applications using functional libraries like Cats and Cats-Effect, Fs2, Doobie, Http4s, or Circe. Diego has been writing declarative code for almost 10 years, using Scala, Haskell, and Prolog.

Introduction to Kafka Streaming

In this session Omnia and Lindsey will introduce you to Kafka Streams. They will be sharing with you Scala code examples, demonstrations of use-cases they have at Deliveroo, the problems they faced, how they solved them, and the lessons they've learned.

Lindsey Dew

Lindsey is a Data Engineer working at Deliveroo and is passionate about developing processes and systems to drive data-driven decisions across an organisation.

She previously worked on the data technology team at the Guardian.

Omnia Ibrahim

Omnia is a Data Engineer at Deliveroo. Previously she developed her passion about data driven projects while working as senior consultant at Thoughtworks.

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