Monday, 10th December in London

This meetup was organised by Tech Speakers London in December 2018


Facilitating a Workshop

So why not come along to this ‘Facilitating a Workshop’ session and run the part you are probably most worried about in a sandbox, a safe environment we are proud of to provide. And by tapping into the wisdom of the group you can be sure to receive honest feedback and gain valuable new insights to adjust and refine the workshop you so passionately crafted.

You can be ensured that this won’t be just fun but also most importantly an insightful preparation to take your newly developed workshop with confidence into the wild, with a real participants who are eager to learn what you have to offer.

For this session, lead by Michael R. Lorek, all the usual workshop supplies like projector connection, whiteboard, flip chart, notepads, sticky notes and sharpies will be kindly provided by the venue. Any specific props you may require please bring along.

But even if you haven’t prepared anything for this session, you are also most encouraged to simply come along to participate in workshop leaders new developments, not as a guinea pig but to provide vital most valuable feedback on teaching techniques and soft skills, so their workshops can be taken to a level, future participants simply will admire. In fact different of angles of view not only reflect a variety of learners but also also prepares the facilitator in coping with it. The learning outcome on both sides, facilitator and participants for sure will be awareness in good soft-skills required to facilitate a successful workshop, participants may recommend further.

Michael R. Lorek

With a background in engineering, information technology and design, Michael R. Lorek already began two decades ago lecturing on internet technologies in further education and consulting clients in web design. In 2012 Michael founded Online Design Ltd, the consultancy helping SMEs and startups developing their online strategy. Along his career he became most passionate about standardised technologies, efficient techniques and a healthy ethos for the web.

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