Monday, 12th November at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by C++ London in November 2018


Constexpr for fun and... well, just fun

Tristan Brindle

Tristan is a freelance developer, C++ trainer and BSI C++ panel member based in London. He’s the author of NanoRange, a C++14 Ranges TS implementation, and the lead tutor for C++ London Uni, offering free weekly C++ classes for students in London and around the world.

Float Literal - A Workaround

Dominic Jones

Dominic Read Mechanical Engineering at UMIST, Manchester, in 2005 and stayed on to complete a doctorate on spray simulation using probability density functions. At Queen Mary, London, adjoint methods for fluid dynamics simulation was the focus of a three year post-doctoral project. Following this research, some of the ideas were carried forward into industry, applying the adjoint methodology to Star-CCM+ simulation software at Siemens. Presently the director of a university residential college in North West London, and due to start a Master's in Philosophy in September 2018.

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