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Spacemacs Workshop - Emacs and Vim, a Clojure Love-in

Tuesday, 21st August at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by The London Clojure Community in August 2018


London Clojurians August

Spacemacs is a very active community driven configuration for Emacs, with tight integration of Vim for amazing editing features.

Spacemacs, just like the rest of Emacs is incredibly customisable, so you can use as many features as you like.

I'll create projects and do live coding to show you how to do all the common development tasks you do for writing Clojure commercially.

I'll also give lots of tips and tricks on getting the most out of this developer tooling.

John Stevenson

John is a speaker, author, conference organiser & community obsessed developer. Loves Clojure, Emacs, Cats, Cycling & Agile development.

He is a conference organiser for Clojure Exchange, London Java Conference, etc) with 20 years of speaking experience.

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