Monday, 1st October at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by DPML in October 2018


Introduction to Liberating Structures

They’ve been developed and field tested over the past 10+ years in a variety of settings including healthcare, education, business and government. Based on pioneering work to apply complexity science in business and organisational settings.

David and Iwona will offer an interactive ‘taster’ experience of some of the key Liberating Structures of the repertoire. You’ll get an idea of the range and power of the repertoire and how you apply them to your own work as a scrum master or agile coach.

David Heath

David Heath is a Lead Developer at the UK Government Digital Service and also runs the London Liberating Structures Meetup.

Iwona Winiarska

Iwona Winiarska is an Agile Delivery Manager at the UK Government Digital Service and coorganises agile meetups and conferences in London.

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