Meet up

AWS, AI and DeepLens evening at Linuxing In London

Thursday, 24th January at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Linuxing In London in January 2019


AWS, AI and DeepLens

Since it’s humble beginnings in the 2006 AWS has led Cloud computing and revolutionized how we do IT.

Every year there are scores of new services, incremental improvements to existing ones and traditionally difficult problems made simple.

Proficiency in AWS is almost a guarantee to an excellent career and handsome salary.

Visual recognition is one key area of AI and in mid-2018 AWS released an intriguing Linux-based solution, DeepLens. It is thoroughly integrated with the AWS infrastructure and opens up fascinating avenues in AI for the adventurous!

Tonight we are incredibly lucky to have the renowned expert Ric Harvey explaining AI and DeepLens.

Ric Harvey

Ric Harvey is a Technical Evangelist at AWS. He has a long career in operations and development using cloud technologies. Coupled with his passion for community and open source, he enjoys sharing this knowledge and engaging with audiences.

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