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December: Large scale refactoring with code mods / async iterators

Thursday, 6th December in London

This meetup was organised by London HalfStack in December 2018


We usually skip December, but this year we have Edd Yerburgh of the Vue.js team joining us to speak at the last London HalfStack of 2018! Don's miss it!

Large Scale Refactoring with Code Mods

Refactoring is part of the process of maintaining an application, but large scale refactoring that are more complicated than a find and replace are time consuming.

Codemods are a tool to refactor code by manipulating the abstract syntax tree (AST). In this talk I'll teach you what ASTs are, why we use ASTs in tools like Babel and eslint, and how to write a codemod that manipulates an AST.

Edd Yerburgh

Edd is an experienced JavaScript developer, Vue core contributor, and software engineer at the BBC.

JavaScript Async Iterators

An exploration of async iterators in Node.js including when and why to use them, how they compare to other reactive libraries, how they perform and what to look out for when you do use them.

Jamie McCrindle

Jamie McCrindle is a JavaScript enthusiast, Open Source Contributor, Co-founder of a number of successful startups, OpenBankHack17 hackathon winner, Head of Technology for Business Banking at Investec.

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