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London Women in Bitcoin November

Monday, 26th November at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Women in Bitcoin in November 2018


Blockchain for Good: Smart contracts in the social sector.

Areti Kampyli

Areti is the COO of Alice ( and has a background in corporate advertising and design. She started her career in advertising at Ogilvy & Mather, where she managed clients including Delta Airlines and BT. She launched her first tech startup in 2009 and prior to Alice, Areti was CEO of CliqStart. At Alice, Areti leads operations, product management, UX, UI and finance. She is a London School of Economics graduate, where she did her MSc in media and communications.

Tokenomics (Crypto Economics) Explained by Humans

  • Evaluating the unique blend of resources, decision-making, and incentive which beyond the technology, make blockchain what it is
  • Distilling the 4 core pillars of tokenomics: where they are from and where they are going
  • Illuminating the difference between crypto economics and tokenomics

Elliott Callender

Elliott founded Nodeunlock (, a blockchain education experience company after becoming besotted by the potential for blockchain technology to change lives immeasurably.

Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan, Knowledge Sharer, NodeUnlock Lisa is a deconstructor of economics, cryptoassets and cryptosystems. She comes from an economics background and sees huge potential to bridge the gap between traditional economics and the blockchain world.

Lisa now pours her passion for economics into designing, teaching and showcasing the true capabilities of solid underlying economic and incentivisation models to build scalable and sustainable blockchain networks.

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