Meet up

London .NET January 2019 with Scott Hanselman

Wednesday, 30th January at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LDNUG: London .NET User Group in January 2019


Microsoft's Open Source Journey: From Pure Evil to .NET Core 3.0

When Scott joined the Web Platform Team at Microsoft in September 2007, many people in the open source community regarded Microsoft as the ‘evil empire’ - and not entirely without justification. Although the C# language and the Common Language Runtime were open standards, the vast majority of .NET application development was tightly coupled to the Windows platform and delivered using Microsoft’s suite of proprietary, closed-source development tools.

Fast-forward ten years and the landscape has changed dramatically. .NET is now a free and open-source software framework, running on Windows, macOS and Linux, and supported by a rich ecosystem of open source tools and cloud providers. From the first open source release of ASP.NET MVC in late 2007, to the recent announcement of .NET Core 3.0, Scott has worked on many of the fundamental components of Microsoft’s open source strategy.

Join us for a very special London .NET meetup event, as Scott Hanselman shares his unique perspective on Microsoft’s open source journey - from Pure Evil to .NET Core 3.0.

Scott Hanselman


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