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London Ajax User Group October meeting

Tuesday, 11th October in London

This meetup was organised by London HalfStack in October 2011


The October London Ajax User Group is coming soon. More details to follow.

WebSockets and Template Systems

In this talk for the London Ajax User Group, Micheil will focus on the uses of WebSockets, as well as showing how to efficiently use them in realtime web applications.

Micheil Smith

Micheil Smith is a web developer / programmer. I’m an active open-source contribute, my current focus is with the Node.js project

Mustache? I'll raise you an Eyebrow — Template-driven apps

Do we build websites or web apps? In this talk for the London Ajax User Group, Mark Wubben will discuss how at State they have developed a template language and UI system that works both on the server and on the client, with reactive data-binding and widget management to boot.

Mark Wubben

Web hacker by trade, Mark Wubben is a European Dutchman currently living in London, hacking on

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