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Data Matters with Louis Dorard

Thursday, 10th January in London

This meetup was organised by Data Matters in January 2019


The ML revolution depends on YOU

Machine Learning (and its subfield Deep Learning) is powering the Artificial Intelligence renaissance. Some even speak of a revolution. What is the current state of things in 2019? Are we entering a new “AI winter”? Has the AI revolution already happened?

We’re becoming increasingly aware of the importance of everything that happens before and after Machine Learning algorithms are used. Organizations are realizing that they can’t just rely on engineers and scientists to make a real-world impact with these technologies.

Successful applications of ML are not subject to the usage of particularly advanced algorithms, but to two other things: 1) solid procedures to test ML models and evaluate their impact, in a way that makes sense in the application domain 2) the availability of “ML-ready data”, prepared in a way that also makes sense in the application domain.

Skilled developers and domain experts are essential, as well as ML-savvy managers. In this talk Louis outlines why the ML revolution depends on you…

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Louis Dorard

As an independent consultant and Machine Learning (ML) coach, Louis helps corporations and startups integrate ML into their products. He has held workshops at major companies such as Amazon, Deloitte, EDF, Intel, Konica Minolta, and he has coached smaller businesses and growing startups in their usage of ML. Louis holds a PhD in ML from University College London, and he has been working in the field for more than 10 years.

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