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Keynote by Hollie Lubbock: The Data and Design Challenge

Monday, 18th March in London

This meetup was organised by Data Matters in March 2019


The Data and Design Challenge

User expectations have changed drastically and this is mainly down to services that are driven by data, whether location, social graph or utilising the information we provide to give us contextual help and recommendations. We are a long, long way from a traditional linear interaction with a product or service. Journeys are now a collection of moments occurring across devices and platforms, data gives us the chance to design across all of these experiences.

However data/design, quant/qual can no longer work in our comfortable silos, without qualitative and human understanding of the world, data can never reach its full potential. To fully understand not only the context of information that we can see but also the implications of what we do with that data — we need to combine these two skill sets. We will walk through examples that illustrate how to combine these two skill sets to create truly personalised responsive services.

As data-driven design and even algorithmic design plays a larger part in the design process, it’s important to understand the different possibilities out there in terms of research techniques, using data sets and how to feel confident in the new era of data generated services.

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Hollie Lubbock

Hollie is a freelance experience design director, she focuses on helping clients create products and services that excite audiences and drive engagement. Over the last ten years, she has worked in the luxury, culture, publishing & tech sectors, collaborating closely with clients to create user-centred designs for a wide range of digital products, from large-scale collections systems to small innovative app projects. Her passion projects are around trends, ethics and how technology affects society.

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