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Culture, Code and Karaoke : Analogue Leadership in a Digital Age

Tuesday, 15th January in London

This meetup was organised by Leadership Matters in January 2019


Culture, Code and Karaoke : Analogue Leadership in a Digital Age

The best teams are often groups of weird and wonderful people who transcend their job titles in all sorts of unexpected ways - and the difference between management, leadership and mentoring is all about how we embrace those differences. No matter what you’re working on, or what sort of team you’re working with, there’s three questions that underlie the decisions we have to make at every stage of the process. What are we doing next? What can I expect from my team? What can my team expect from me?

Dylan Beattie explores the complex and often misunderstood role that leadership plays in modern software development. Dylan highlights his experiences going from Computer Assistant to Chief Technology Officer, combined with space exploration and rock’n’roll music.

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Dylan Beattie

Dylan Beattie is a systems architect, developer, and Microsoft MVP, who has built everything from tiny standalone websites to large-scale distributed systems. He created his first web page in 1992, and he's been building data-driven interactive web applications since the days of Windows NT 4. He's currently the CTO at Skills Matter in London, where he juggles his time between working on their software platform and supporting their conference and community teams. From 2003 to 2018, Dylan worked as webmaster, then IT Manager, and then systems architect at Spotlight (, where his first-hand experience of watching an organisation and its codebase evolve over more than a decade provided him with a unique insight into how everything from web standards and API design to Conway's Law and recruitment ends up influencing a company’s code and culture.

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