Meet up

Leadership Matters with Elizabeth Varley

Tuesday, 19th February in London

This meetup was organised by Leadership Matters in February 2019


What's a Leader's most Vital Skill? (It might not be what you think!)

Can you be innovative in more than just your technology? In the world of startups, as well as the products they want to see in the world, entrepreneurs create new work environments every time they negotiate with their first employee.

How do you consciously create a place for your people, when a "workplace" is not the first thing on your mind? How is the London tech ecosystem evolving and can we expect entrepreneurs to be the leaders of big companies?

Elizabeth Varley- founder of TechHub, will be answering all these questions and any more that you may have in a cosy fireside chat. Don't miss this chance to learn about leadership in London's burgeoning tech ecosystem!

Elizabeth Varley

Elizabeth is a serial entrepreneur and founded TechHub, the community for high-growth tech companies. TechHub has worked with thousands of companies to help them scale. TechHub member companies have been acquired by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Oracle and Microsoft among others, and have raised over $1billion in funding. TechHub also helps corporates like Google and BT access innovation culture and to work with startups to solve business challenges or develop new products. Elizabeth recently announced TechHub's new London project that brings together it's 400 companies in one place. They have room for a few more and welcome tech product startups of 1-30 people and has created extra spaces for scale-ups of 30-60 people. Book a tour if you'd like to take a peek.

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