Meet up

Inspire creation with technology such as the Raspberry Pi over a pint.

Tuesday, 26th March at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Raspberry Pint in March 2019


Handy Tools for Running/Maintaining an Open Source Project

There's more to running an open source project than just code. In GPIO Zero, we have an automated test suite; mocking, coverage analysis; bug trackers; project boards; comprehensive online, offline and inline documentation. We publish our code on GitHub where multiple contributors commit code, we manage issues and pull requests, and we publish our releases to PyPI and Raspbian. I'll aim to cover as many of the tools we use to manage all this as possible!

Ben Nuttall

Raspberry Pi Community Manager

Fully Automated Acoustic Monitoring in the Tropical Forests of Borneo

Sarab Sethi

Sarab is a PhD student across the Applied Mathematics, Design Engineering and Tropical Forest Ecology departments at Imperial College London. Previously, he studied Engineering Science (MEng) at the University of Oxford which he graduated in 2016. In addition to scientific research, his interests include the application of electrical and software engineering to create engaging and reactive artworks and installation pieces.

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