Meet up

Inspire creation with technology such as the Raspberry Pi over a pint.

Tuesday, 25th June in London

This meetup was organised by Raspberry Pint in June 2019


Are you working on a Raspberry Pi project? Would you like some help, or are interested in sharing what you know? Join this month's Raspberry Pint!

We encourage people to stand up and speak about their Raspberry Pi experiences, cool projects and give easy tutorials.

Many people bring along their projects to show off (quite right too) and get some help and advice with some sticky problem.

All are welcome!

The Babelboard- Rapid prototyping with Open Source h/w and s/w

The Babelboard is a simple Open Source connector board that allows you to connect Grove sensors and Adafruit wings to anything with a Pi-compatible header including the Jetson Nano. There's already a huge library of easy-to-use Python software available, so you can connect and drive prototypes very quickly without error-prone and unreliable breadboards!

Romilly Cocking

Romilly runs RARESchool, a website that offers news, books and courses for Teachers, Students and Makers. He has been programming for almost 60 years and programming in Python since 2002. He is a long-term supporter of the Raspberry Pi and he's currently exploring MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit and is keen to share what he's learned.

The evolution of a Raspberry Pi robotics controller

Neil has designed the Redboard+, a Raspberry Pi robotics hat. He will be talking about how it evolved into the current design, and showing how to control motors, servos and of course robots!

Neil Lambeth

Neil has worked in the Special Effects industry for over 20 years, creating electronic and mechanical gadgets and gizmos of all shapes and sizes for TV, Film, and Theater. He is now working in education where he's trying to inspire as many children as possible to get into coding and robotics using the Raspberry Pi.

Boiling Nemo

In the course of recent history fish have been relatively untroubled by the Internet of Things, but it’s time for that to change. Armed only with a soldering iron, some JavaScript and ideas above his station, PJ will show us how you can build a simple IoT device and how the whole enterprise can spiral out of control. Highlights include a Scottish toilet emergency, an aquarium featuring military-grade security and an extinction-level event in the suburbs of Milton Keynes.

PJ Evans

PJ Evans is a freelance web application developer based in Milton Keynes. When not changing the world one JavaScript exception at a time, he can be found at The National Museum of Computing, where he runs the Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam and gives talks on Colossus, the world’s first programmable computer. Hobbies include vintage computing, putting Raspberry Pis where they frankly shouldn’t be and protecting his fish at all costs.

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