Meet up

An architectural approach & Smooth CI

Monday, 18th February in London

This meetup was organised by FlutterLDN in February 2019


Flutter: An Approach to Architecture

The Events App is Ascential's first foray into using Flutter as a production technology. Very much an in-at-the-deep-end learning experience, this talk discusses the architectural decisions made along the way, and the road to the finished product.

Nic Ford

Nic Ford is a Senior Product Maker at Ascential who has previously worked at such organisations as the BBC and the Guardian, and shown up in a paid capacity at King (although neither he nor they would describe what he did there as work). He has three decades of experience in software development, and very nearly knows what he's doing now.

CI as Smooth as Flutter

Andri Jasinski

Andri Jasinski is a software engineer at Nevercode. He works with Python, JavaScript and Dart on daily basis. He speaks many languages, but loves Dart the most.

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