Wednesday, 21st August in London

This meetup was organised by Cloud Matters in August 2019


DevOps focuses on making software production as efficient and streamline as possible. With innovation in CI/CD, the demand for fast pace change and staying as up-to-date as possible is at a high. But about about the developers working on it? In this keynote, Ryn Daniels explores with us the best way to avoid burnout in Ops Teams through improved on-call practices for the betterment of all.

Designing Sustainable Ops Cultures

Every organization needs to consider how to make its operations culture sustainable. One aspect of making a workplace culture sustainable for the humans in it is burnout. This talk will look at ways to design an engineering culture in a way that can prevent burnout on operations teams. It will discuss the different factors that contribute to burnout and how those can manifest in modern ops environments, the ideas around resilient culture design and how both ops managers and ICs can make concrete changes to build more sustainable on-call practices.

Ryn Daniels

Ryn Daniels is a staff infrastructure software engineer who got their start in programming with TI-80 calculators back when GeoCities was still cool. Their work has focused on infrastructure operability, sustainable on-call practices, and the design of effective and empathetic engineering cultures. They are the co-author of O’Reilly’s Effective DevOps and have spoken at numerous industry conferences on devops engineering and culture topics. Ryn lives in Berlin, Germany with a perfectly reasonable number of cats and in their spare time can often be found powerlifting, playing cello, or handcrafting knitted server koozies for the data center.

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