Meet up

Keynote by Valentin Kasas on The Last Frontier and Beyond

Tuesday, 20th August in London

This meetup was organised by Scala Matters in August 2019


Have you written boilerplate code for your business model that needs to keep up with the rate your profession is scaling at? Join Valentin Kasas at this month's Scala Matters who'll be sharing with us how to help your business classes evolve without breaking compatibility. Join us at 6:30pm to meet fellow Scala engineers over some coffee or tea. Valentin's keynote will start at 7pm and we'll have some drinks at SpaceBar after until 10pm

The Last Frontier and Beyond

Of course you have!

But there may be a way to abstract away this repetitive, low-value code that sneaks into every project. Maybe it can also allow for our business classes to evolve without breaking compatibility, while keeping the necessary boilerplate to a minimum. Maybe it would even give us many other cool things for free, far beyond mere serialization concerns.

Let’s find out!

Valentin Kasas

Just a regular Scala developer with a necktie. Valentin has come a long way from C++ programming on little machines with 4 MB of unmanaged memory to big clusters with terabytes of RAM. Along the way, he progressively abandoned his old imperative habits to embrace the functional way—a journey that seems to never come to an end.

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