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Keynote by Rabeb Othmani on Inclusion in Tech: How to make (almost) everyone enjoy your party

Wednesday, 18th September at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Diversity Matters in September 2019


At this month's Diversity Matters, Rabeb Othamni, developer advocate and champion of diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry join us! Don't miss it!


Come down to CodeNode to learn from the best, share your ideas and join our vibrant community! Be sure to sign-in early to grab a drink and meet other attendees in a casual, relaxed setting.

18:30-19:00 Sign-in and get settled

19:00-19:45 Rabeb's presentation

19:45-20:00 Q&A

Inclusion in Tech: How to make (almost) everyone enjoy your party

It takes more than technical skills and hard work to excel in tech. Gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation are among those factors that affect how much you enjoy our work and tech communities, be it online or in real life.

Embracing inclusion requires all of us to be allies for those who face discrimination – to fully understand and appreciate the diversity in individuals, and beyond mere appreciation, to truly act and make real change. There are many nuanced changes that you must all make to encourage more underrepresented groups to love creating technology and show the industry how to create an environment where they can excel.

This talk is a call to action. What can you do beyond diversifying the pipeline and offering diversity scholarships? How can you make everyone enjoy the party? Join Rabeb at this session to discover the key to boosting inclusion in tech.

Rabeb Othmani

Rabeb is a software engineer and has been writing code for almost a decade now. Currently, she works as a Developer Advocate helping developers from around the globe building awesome applications. Rabeb has a passion for building diverse and inclusive communities. She works towards making Tech an inclusive place for everyone.

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