Meet up


Monday, 14th January in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in January 2019


As is LRUG tradition, we like to start the year by making our January meeting a little different from the rest of the year. Join us and kick off the new year with a round of Ruby Golf!

Ruby Golf!

As is tradition, our first meeting of 2019 will be a slightly different kind of thing. Instead of talks, we'll be pulling all our not-suitable-for-production Ruby tricks out of the bag and playing a few rounds of Ruby Golf!

For those unfamiliar with this, put your clubs away: code golfing is where you try to solve a programming problem using the fewest possible number of characters. Unlike the rest of the time, we don't care about elegance, we don't care about readability, and we definitely don't care about performance – make it short, then make it shorter!

Some quick tips to get you going:

  • Descriptive local variable names? No thanks: a, b, and c will do just fine.
  • Why use collect when you can use map?
  • You may wish to { brace } yourself, lest you do worse in the end…


  • Bring your laptop and a recent Ruby version! Anything 2.2 and up should be fine
  • We think this'll be more fun if you work in teams, so you can pool your ideas – chances are that you know a trick or two that others haven't seen, and vice versa
  • We will provide a repository of code which you can clone on the day. This will contain tests to give you confidence that your solution works, along with some helpers to count characters fairly across everyone participating

There are no official prizes, but there are bragging rights in the pub afterwards!


We're currently working on a program. If you have any suggestions, topics you'd like to see covered, or experts you'd like to meet, let us know!

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